Me and my ride.
Me and my ride.

In between working, sightseeing, writing blog posts and ebooks, I wrote a little travel series called “Strange RV Encounters”. It’s a bit hard to believe they let me write for them, isn’t it? Yeah, for me too.

Some of my long-time readers may recognize a few of the destinations, but I’ve had to write the articles a little differently. Unlike my humorous blogs, Yahoo! is a proper, mainstream website — they preferred I keep my articles professional. However, they were still fairly flexible in that regard.

Writing for Yahoo! gave me nearly as much of a thrill as seeing the goofy sights included below.

UPDATE July, 2014: I’ve just received word Yahoo! plans to discontinue their Contributor program. This includes deleting all content written by contributors over the past nine years. This is sad news, I loved writing these articles. I do hope they reconsider.

September, 2014: As they promised,Yahoo! removed everyone’s articles from their servers. The links below go to .pdfs I grabbed. The conversion process cut off a few words at the end of each page.

Strange RV Encounters: An Introduction

Two-story Outhouse

Cement Ships Do Float

Millions of Dead Fish

Slab City, Calif., the Last Free City in America

I Found Mollie’s Nipple Near Purgatory

They Kept the Fruitcake, But Forgot the Bacon

A Lone Rock Isn’t Always Lonely at Glen Canyon Dam

A Spiritual Experience at the Grand Canyon

Standin’ on a Corner in Winslow, Arizona

Route 66: The Wigwam Motel and Giant Dinosaurs

Energy Vortexes and Weird Rock Formations in Sedona, AZ

World’s Largest Kokopelli and Montezuma Castle in Arizona

Seligman, Arizona, Birthplace of Historic Route 66

Giant Golf-Ball House in Arizona

Lake Havasu, London Bridge, and Lighthouses in the Arizona Desert

There’s a Naked Man in Quartzsite, AZ — Also, a Pyramid

What Is ‘The Thing’ in Dragoon, Arizona?

Tombstones in Tombstone, Arizona

The Rex Allen Museum and Koko the Horse in Willcox, AZ

The World’s Largest Blue Crab in Rockport, Texas

World’s Longest Fishing Pier and Big Tree in Rockport, TX

Nessie Sighted in Texas!

Port Aransas: Camp on the Beach and Search for Buried Treasure

Port Aransas Festivals: Whooping Crane and Sandfest

Port Aransas: Giant Shark Doors

Padre Island: USS Needlefish and Mermaid on a Half-Shell

Corpus Christi Museums

King Ranch in Kingsville, Texas

The Giant Squirrel in Sinton, Texas

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