Juliana, Personal Virtual Assistant
Juliana, virtual executive assistant, solution finder, cat herder, and chocoholic.

"By anticipating, identifying, preventing, and solving problems, I help heart-centered entrepreneurs expand their business, leverage their valuable time, and increase profits."




Juliana Mathews is a virtual executive assistant, author, journalist, blogger, marketing specialist, meditation junkie, chocoholic, cat herder and traveler. She knows that no matter the circumstances, anyone can live their dream life.

I assist heart-centered entrepreneurs by helping them increase productivity and gain momentum to reach their business goals, and create lasting change while freeing their valuable time to pursue new business ventures or personal matters.

The "formal" bio (read: stuffy):

Assisting professional individuals and businesses from high-profile Fortune 100 and C-level executives to small-business "mom and pop" shop owners for over fifteen years, I have acquired the skills necessary to assist principals is all manner of business and personal needs, as well as those skills needed to manage multi-million dollar estates. I am able to travel with or for you to ensure a successful outcome.

Adept at marketing, designing websites, writing, and corporate branding, my career began in graphic design by hand-inking schematics for G.E. Nuclear at the age of 19 (back when "cut and paste" required scissors and glue), and then, as technology changed, transitioning to website design, internet marketing, and writing.

As a writer and journalist, I've written for Yahoo!, and small-town newspapers, and continue to write on several websites. Additionally, my skills and experience include writing and editing executive correspondence, corporate reports, and technical documents for the energy industry (nuclear, and oil and gas), internet security, and construction industry, as well as humorous articles on travel, and marketing. I am able to write across many disciplines and verticals, technical to humor.

After a life changing event in 2001, the coaching I received to use adversity to create positive change helped me gain valuable personal insight and personal productivity. Learning to coach and motivate others to achieve personal success, I began guiding others to achieve similar results. In 2009, I trained as a meditation coach.

Gain momentum to reach your business goals, create lasting change, free your valuable time to pursue new business ventures or personal matters.

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Visit the Executive Assistant, Writing, and Marketing Services page for a detailed description of the services provided. Based in Florida, I work throughout the U.S. by utilizing Skype, Zoom, TeamViewer, email, and phone, or by traveling to your location.