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  • Guidance and coaching in creating a personal business success mindset plan and marketing materials for your business, organization, or career
  • Create, recommend and implement marketing programs and campaigns for products and services of your business
  • Assistance creating websites, programs, ebooks, videos, kits, books, special reports, email campaigns and other promotional items
  • Assistance creating speaking engagements, workshops, webinars, seminars, PR articles and effective use of public relations using a blending of inner and outer approaches
  • Prepare marketing strategies and plans by collaborating and obtaining input from company executives, sales and management teams
  • Oversee direct marketing efforts including the creation, content development and delivery of e-blasts, brochures, product videos, website, tradeshow signage including giveaways, materials for any other events
  • Coordinate marketing efforts by liaising with both internal and external creative team resources
  • Liaise with business partners to ensure their marketing channels/materials reflect the most current product marketing messages
  • Design, build and maintain the company‚Äôs social media presence to engage customers on social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • Monitor, review, and report on all marketing activity and results
  • Ensure brand messages are consistent
  • Developing, managing, implementing, and integrating SEO
  • Develop and manage content key marketing schedules/timelines for product promotions by working in partnership with internal and external teams
  • Create a master content/promotions production calendar with project plans and schedules
  • Develop brand voice, implement and evaluate outreach strategies
  • Analyze the external marketplace, industry trends customers and competitors
  • Collaborate with team members
  • For small to medium businesses, both B2B and B2C

Social Business/Social Media Management

  • Creation and Management of Social Media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, company Blog and other social media channels
  • Ensure consistency of messages across multiple networks
  • Post and promote interactive content that encourages participation, ensure that the community is actively engaged
  • Monitor social media sites and forward customer questions or concerns to internal resources if necessary
  • Identify existing and emerging social media tools and channels needed to execute these strategies
  • Identify and recommend new websites, mobile applications or other SM channels based on internet trends
  • Identify and engage range of individuals as online advocates

Graphic Design

  • Adobe Creative Suite, page design, photography, photo editing, graphic design, illustration. (For current clients only)


  • Track and evaluate site user behavior; make recommendations to improve user experience/usability and key performance metrics
  • Oversight of website, media, and outreach campaign metrics to optimize effectiveness and deliver regular reports to key stakeholders
  • Identify opportunities for new marketing tactics, site-conversion functionality and improved user experiences