Estate & Property Management

Estate Household Manager, Property Caretaker

With over a decade of experience managing high-end private estates and resorts, Juliana has professional expertise in all aspects of successful household management, team coordination, project management, and event planning. Excel in managing multiple projects concurrently with strong detail, problem solving, and follow-through capabilities. Demonstrated ability to manage and motivate cohesive teams that achieve results. Superb written communications, interpersonal and organizational skills. Available for relocation or travel.

  • Successful in developing and executing strategic plans, setting and administering goals, and managing projects from inception to successful completion.
  • Developed and implemented logistics and scheduling strategies to increase estate functionality, and employee productivity.
  • Developed interpersonal skills having dealt with diverse professionals, including C-level executives, senior management, vendors, ad agencies, and non-profit organizations.
  • Exceptionally well-organized, with a track record that demonstrates self-motivation, creativity, and initiative to achieve both personal and corporate goals.
  • Prepared numerous in-house documents, including contracts, proposals, marketing plans, advertisements, press releases, and executive correspondence.
  • Knowledge about proper handling and cleaning of museum quality art, antiques and collectibles


Areas of Expertise

  • Oversee care, maintenance, and security of your multi-million dollar property while you are in residence or away
  • Manage household staff and vendors; develop cleaning and maintenance schedules; assist with hands-on work as needed
  • Welcome and greet guests; facilitate entertaining in a way that is easy and comfortable
  • Travel arrangement and preparation, traveling with or for principals as needed
  • Event planning, coordination and logistics
  • Monitor state-of-the-art computerized household systems (HVAC, lighting, audio-visual, phones, security; keep abreast of technology improvements
  • Schedule preventive care as necessary and respond to unexpected situations, monitor vendors while on site
  • Select, supervise and evaluate contractors; solicit, review and negotiate bids from vendors
  • Develop and maintain household procedures manuals; ensure operations manuals are kept up-to-date and maintenance schedules met
  • Perform minor repairs and maintenance as necessary
  • After hours response to alarms and emergencies
  • Financial responsibilities – assist with developing household budget, review monthly financials, approve invoices, maintain petty cash
  • Coordinate with assistants for the principals
  • Facilitate weekly staff meetings
  • Daily interaction with principals to ensure needs are met
  • Timely and regular communication of project status in writing


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