To RV or Not To RV guidebook

To RV or Not To RV, that is the question.

Everything you ever wanted to know about a home on wheels, but were afraid to ask!

To RV or Not TO RV, ...that is the question. An ebook for newbies and wannabe RVers.
…that is the question.

This 50-page ebooklet covers everything from deciding if the lifestyle is right for you, what you will do to convert your “stick-and-brick” life to one on the road, a checklist for purchasing an RV, a checklist for finding a great RV spot, maintenance tips and tricks, and ways to keep out the critters.

This is mostly geared for the newbie or wannabe RVer, but I believe even seasoned RVers will find useful tips and tricks of which they weren’t previously aware.¬†Of course, it’s hard to teach us seasoned RVers anything.

In addition, several readers submitted questions, favorite locations, and additional tips.

Enjoy and Happy RVing!

– Juliana